Between the stress and the long hours required to run a department and large program, I got to a point where I would wake up more tired and in pain then when I went to sleep.  My face had patches of eczema.  I was burnt out, tired, and sick.  

My acupuncturist introduced to Nu Skin.  The products rejuvenated me.  Now I want to help others achieve the results that I achieved.

My name is Deborah Farkash.  I have a Master's of Recreation and Rehabilitation Therapy from Long Island University.  With 28 years of experience working with the frail elderly, including people with dementia and Alzheimer’s, I have gained an appreciation for the importance of really making a difference in the quality of peoples' lives.  As I saw the health care system change and become less patient-oriented, it became more and more stressful for me.